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Once you get this you have to say 5 things about you publicly, and then send this to 10 of your favorite followers ˘ ³˘♥

*pinches your cheeks* thank you sweetie ; v ; this is super late ahaha im gomen

1. I really need to pee but I’m in a very comfy position and I don’t want to move;;;

2. I also need to brush my teeth I can still taste the boneless bangus I had for lunch. Really comfy position though. D:

3. I think I’m sorta attractive when I look at my reflection in the mirror without my glasses on. Poor eyesight blurs away the things I’m conscious about. 

4. Classes start in a week I am not yet prepared cries. 

5. I still hiss at every henry that comes near me.


Imagine your icon as a lingerie model

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not my family bitch

why am i crying



not my family bitch

why am i crying

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Reblog if you like tea.





Any kind. Hot. Cold. White. Green. Black. Rooibos. Herbal. Oolong. Sweet. Unsweet. With Milk. Without. Tea is great.

All tea

Tea is life.


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How DRAMAtical Murder should have ended:

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i want a fic where eren and levi are doing foreplay

then levi ties eren up. eren is a bit used to it of course but he gets the shock of his life when levi prepares himself instead. afterwards, he slowly sheaths himself down eren’s length and rides him

after the intial shock eren finally begins to enjoy the feeling of levi around him and when he’s about to come levi hushes his screams with his lips





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omg Pickle-chaaaaannnnnnnnnnn! So, you always draw like Eren and Levi with you and Eren loves you but Levi is like what is this pickle thing, no just no, what is this thing? Can you draw Levi loving you and hugging you cause I know deep down inside he loves you lots and lots, maybe even more than Eren :3
If ur still taking request for cake can u draw carrot cake or cheese cake (which ever u prefer) uwu

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